Illinois State Process

Please note - the Illinois State website changed on 22nd June, 2021. If you notice any errors in our instructions, please do let us know at

Before you start, have these supporting documents ready:

  • A digital photograph (taken within the last 30 days - passport style)
  • Proof of age and identity (e.g. IL driving license or state ID)

  • A credit card to pay for the state application 

If applicable:

  • A Benefit Verification Letter (or DD214)

Getting Your Illinois Medical Marijuana Card

  1. Click here ( and click on MCPP Patient Registration 

  2. Complete the requested information and click 'Register' 

  3. You'll be sent an email notification with a temporary password

    1. Log back in with the temporary password and you'll be able to change it to something memorable by clicking 'My Account', then 'Password'

  4. Click '+New MCPP Patient Registration'

  5. Complete the rest of the information required
    1. if you are applying as a minor, click here for more detailed instructions 
    2. if you are applying with a terminal condition, click here for more detailed instructions
  6. You can choose to get a card for 1, 2 or 3 years (your certificate from Leafwell is valid for 3 years)
    1. 1 year = $50, 2 years = $100, 3 years - $125
  7. If you need a caregiver, you can add their information under the caretaker tab (click for more detailed instructions on this process)
    1. For more information for caregivers, click here
  8. Complete your personal information. Your name must match what the doctor entered. No middle names, or initials.
  9. Upload your proof of identity
  10.  You can upload proof that you are eligible for reduced fees if relevant
  11. At the bottom of the terms and conditions, you can type your name into the box to act as a digital signature
  12. Click 'Save'
  13. You then need to attach the Healthcare Professional Certificate
    1. Click 'Provider Certificate'
    2. Click 'New'
    3. Our providers aim to get your certificates uploaded within 24 hours. If the certificate does not appear within 48 hours, please contact
  14. Pay for your application and finalise your application 
  15. You will be directed back to the “Patient Registration” tab. Your status will show “SOS Check” until the card is ready.

  16. Click on Initial Application under “Tracking Inbox” and you will see “Provisional Letter” to print out.  This can be used to legally purchase cannabis until your digital card is ready. It typically is available 24-48 hours after you complete your application. 

    1. Here are the instructions for printing your letter
  17. Once the state has fully processed your approval, which can take up to 60 days, you can access your digital card.

Note, you can see these instructions with photos here. 

In addition to contacting Leafwell, free help is available for patients through participating local health departments. Click here for a list of participating locations.