Maryland State Process

Before you start, have these supporting documents ready:

  • An email from the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission confirming that your certification has been accepted
  • A debit or credit card
  • US issued government ID – such as a state issued driver’s license, state issued ID card, passport, or military ID.
  • Proof of address, all documents must be dated within the past 90 days. Select one from the list below:
  • An electronic, hi-res copy of a clear, recent photo of yourself

Getting Your Maryland Medical Marijuana Card

  1. Once you have been approved by Leafwell physician and provided them with your Maryland patient number, our physician will submit your medical marijuana certification - you do not need to do anything - our physician will provide all supporting documentation on your behalf to the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC).
  2. MMCC will review your application and the certification provided by Leafwell. They will email you once you have been approved.
  3. Log back into your existing state account at 
  4. Within this account, you can print your temporary MMCC patient ID card. Your physical card, paid for when you first registered, will be mailed to you within 90 days.
  5. You can purchase medical cannabis from a licensed Maryland dispensary using your temporary card, with ID, until the physical card arrives.  


  • When purchasing medical cannabis at a licensed dispensary you will be required to present either your permanent or temporary MMCC ID card. The dispensary agent will verify your certification in the Commission’s database before conducting any transaction.
  • You may only purchase and obtain a maximum of a thirty-day supply of medical cannabis at one time. 

Important note: A certification that is not used to purchase medical cannabis, at a licensed dispensary in the state of Maryland, within 120 days of issuance becomes null and void.