Nevada State Process

After your appointment

After seeing a Leafwell physician, you will need to register with the state to download a waiver and acknowledgement form. After your approval with Leafwell, our healthcare provider will sign these so you can complete your state application. Here's what you need to do: 

  1. Create an Account - 
    1. Click on ‘Register as a cardholder’
    2. Upload a photo of the back of your Nevada state ID
    3. Enter a valid email address and create a password
    4. Click Register
    5. Fill out and download the application packet
    6. Send the paperwork to

    Ensure you have the following items:

    • PDF or JPEG of current Nevada State ID or driver’s license issued by DMV
    • Leafwell physician approval
    • $50 (1 year) or $100 (2 years) to be paid via Credit Card

    Complete an Application

    1. Log into your account 
      1. Upload the waiver and acknowledgement form to your completed application
      2. Pay the registration fee via credit card
        1. 1-year registration term for $50.00
        2. 2-year registration term for $100.00. 
    2. After you apply
      1. The state will process your application in 24-72 hours
      2. You can download and print your temporary card which is good for up to 60 days
      3. Your permanent card will come in the mail within 10 days