Oklahoma State Process (Renewals)

After downloading your Leafwell doctor’s recommendation, you will need to complete your renewal with the state. 

The following help Help Video walks you through the entire renewal process, step-by-step.

Two important things to remember when renewing:

  • Only renew your license within 30 days of its expiration date.
  • Make sure you have access to the original email address and password you used to sign up to the OMMA account
    • If you don’t have access, you need to call the departments call center - 405-522-6662

Step by step guide to your renewal

  1. Go to the state website and click on the orange button that says ‘Returning applicants’
    1. https://oklahoma.gov/omma/patients-caregivers/adult-patient-application-information2.html
  2. Click ‘Sign in’. Type in your email address and password you used when you initially created your OMMA account to sign in.
    1. If you have forgotten or don’t have access to your email address or password you will need to call the OMMA call center - 405-522-6662
  3. Once you log in you will have an option on the left hand side to create a new application or to look at your already existing applications and licenses. If you click on the license dashboard you will see your expired license show up on the screen. 
  4. Click on the actions button on the right hand side of the screen to renew your card. 
  5. Click patient renewal
  6. Your license number or badge number will show up on the screen. Select the badge number and click save. 
  7. The next screen will also populate the same badge number. Hit ‘save and next’ to go on to the ‘General Information’ screen. 
  8. General Information 
    1. Here all your personal information will already be populated. 
    2. Ensure the phone number listed on the account is accurate and that you are selecting the right license type. 
    3. If you are applying for a two year adult or minor patient license ensure that is the type of license that is selected. 
    4. Fill in your ID document information (State ID, passport, tribal ID or other ID). Make sure that the expiration date of your ID is correct. 
    5. Select the issuing state of the ID number if applicable. 
    6. Click save and next and you will be taken to the Contact Information’ screen.
  9. Contact Information
    1. Enter in your physical street address and click ‘verify address’
    2. Enter in the mailing address. This is the address that you want your medical marijuana license mailed to. Click ‘Verify the address’
    3. The state understands that the physical street address and the mailing address might not match. Just ensure that your physical street address is in the state of Oklahoma and that it is not a PO box. PO boxes are not acceptable. 
    4. Click ‘save and next’ and you will be taken to the ‘Physician/Condition Information’ screen 
  10. Physician/Condition Information
    1. Enter in all your Leafwell physician information, including the date the doctor signed your recommendation form.  Please ensure that the signature date is no more than 30 days from when you submit your application. 
    2. The ‘Physician Condition information’ asks you to fill in the medical condition codes listed on the physician recommendation form, if you so choose. This is optional and not required.
    3. For the ‘Physician Office Address’ you want to put the address the physician put on the physician recommendation form. Verify the address to ensure it is correct. 
    4. Click ‘save and next’ to be taken to the ‘Questions’ screen. 
  11. Questions
    1. If you are enrolled in Medicaid or medicare then select ‘yes’ on question 3. You will then be required to provide documentation of your medicaid/medicare enrollment. If you cannot provide documentation then your application may be denied. 
    2. If you intend to use the same document to prove the proof of residency and the proof of identity requirements you will need to select ‘yes’ on question 4. If you do not intend to use the same document, select ‘no’ and ensure that you have a document for identity proof and a document for residency proof available to upload to the next screen. 
    3. Answer Question 5 about when you’re creating a new account with this email address, as this becomes the primary account. Any other licenses created when logged in under the primary account will become a secondary account and cannot be separated from the primary account. 
    4. If you are a disabled veteran select ‘yes’ for question 6. If you select ‘yes’ you need to ensure that you can provide evidence of your status as a 100% disbaled veteran. If you cannot provide this documentation then your application may be denied. 
    5. If you plan to use a caregiver the last question should be marked ‘yes’. You will then want to put in your caregivers information. 
    6. The end of this line of questions will require your signature. Please put in your full signature and the date you are signing your application. 
    7. Click ‘save and next’ and you will be taken to the ‘Documents’ screen.
  12. Documents
    1. You need to upload all the relevant documents for your application. 
    2. Digital Photo - make sure that your photo meets all the requirements of the OMMA photo regulations. These regulations can be found on the OMMA homepage or here https://oklahoma.gov/content/dam/ok/en/omma/docs/omma_-_instructions_for_patients_-_photo_requirements.pdf. You can crop and adjust the photo as needed, and then click upload. 
    3. Upload your ‘Proof of Oklahoma Residency’
    4. Physician Recommendation Form -  upload the form from your Leafwell Physician that you downloaded from the patient dashboard. 
    5. Click ‘save and next’ to be taken to a payment screen
  13. Payment
    1. Select your payment method
    2. Click ‘save and next’ to be taken to the ‘Review’ screen 
  14. Review
    1. Review all the information on your application to ensure that it is correct 
    2. If there are any discrepancies, you may see a red box appear
    3. You will have the option to review your digital photo one more time. Confirm that the photo meets all the requirements and that the photo looks like the photo you have on the photo ID you are using. 
    4. Click ‘pay and submit’ 
  15.  Payment  
    1. You will be taken to the final screen where you can input your credit card information. 
    2. The patient renewal fee is $100 
    3. The reduced fee is $20 if you have medicaid, medicare or are a 100% disabled veteran. 
    4. The service fee is $4.30
    5. Put in all your card payment information and then click ‘Next’. 
    6. You will then be given a payment receipt and an application ID number. This information will also be emailed to you.