Utah State Process

Before you start, have these supporting documents ready:

  • Debit or credit card

Getting Your Utah Medical Marijuana Card

Note - if you have already seen a Leafwell physician, jump to step 5.

  1. Create your Utah ID Account (if you don’t already have one)
    1. Go here https://id.utah.gov/ and click “Create an Account
    2. Enter and validate your email address, then verify your email address by receiving an email from the Utah government
    3. Enter your name and username then create a password
  2. Create a profile in Utah’s Electronic Verification System at https://medicalcannabis.utah.gov/evs-access/ 
    1. Click the big blue button inviting you to access the EVS
    2. Click “Patient Registrations
    3. Fill out the fields and click Register
    4. Click the link in the popup once you’ve completed
    5. In the top left, hover over the “Tracking Inbox”, then move your house to “Patient” and then to “New Patient” and click on “New Patient
  3. Complete the application for a new patient. Parents/guardians need to select that they are applying on behalf of my minor child at this point
    1. Don’t fill out any fields marked official use
  4. Once submitted, you status at the top of the page will change to “Awaiting Certification” at the top of the screen
    1. Once this is done, the Leafwell physician can go onto the system and upload your certification.
  5. Log back in and pay once the certification has been submitted. The state will review your application.
  6. Once the state has approved you, your status will change to “Active”.
  7. Log back in and click the “Print Card” option in your patient dashboard. You can save the document and print it out to buy your medical marijuana at your chosen licensed dispensary.